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Say nice things…


I’m not entirely sure when the, “Say nice things about Detroit” campaign started, but it certainly did start a grass roots movement. Slowly and surely, more and more artists, writers and talking heads have starting saying nice things … not only about Detroit, but about Michigan, too.

12063780_10206338374676060_8339114879160320193_n-1On my most recent Slow Roll Detroit excursions, I’ve been thinking about something one of my fitness trainers used to say, “Lori, you’ve got to start somewhere.” When I’m in the city, it is clear to me that Detroit has successfully “started”. Slow Roll Detroit is exploding with members (5,000+ riders some weeks) and the city has been invigorated with hot new restaurants like, Gold Cash Gold, Wright & Company and even Selden Standard. Belle Isle and it’s fabulous little aquarium is even getting a nice little make-over!


I’m not surprised how contagious Detroit pride is. Michiganders are hardworking, optimistic and of course, love a good story. Everywhere I look, I see Detroiters cheering on the recovery of the city, in good times and in bad, just like they’ve always cheered on the Tigers, Wings, Spartans, Coach Harbaugh’s Wolverines and yes, even the Lions. We will stop at nothing to see Detroit thrive!

At Write Impressions, we cheer on Detroit with our “Made in Michigan” section. The enthusiasm of our wonderful customers has allowed us to expand our selection and support even more local artists who are “Saying nice things about Detroit”. We hope their wares will encourage more people do the same.

A few of my current favorites:


Tea Towel – Only available at Write Impressions


Michigan Made — Plaque and Wall Hanger









Ball Cap, Notebooks, Hexbolt Michigan Sculpture

Ball Cap, Notebooks, Hexbolt Michigan Sculpture

"Made in Michigan" onesie -- A Write Impressions Original --

“Made in Michigan” Baby Onesie — A Write Impressions Original –









Michigan & Detroit “I Love You” Tote Bags











Cheers to Detroit’s happy ending!




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