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Dad, Tigers and French Fries

It sometimes seems as though Father’s Day is not as revered as Mother’s Day. The talking heads on TV give much more airtime to gift ideas for mom, specials on the mother-child bond and feature fantasy giveaways to celebrate extra special moms. Thankfully, gender roles have shifted to allow our dads to be more present in our everyday lives, making them more important and significant forces. It’s time that we honestly and unapologetically let them know what they mean to us.

To say my dad is opinionated is an understatement. There’s no need to ask for his opinion because chances are he has already told me before I have the chance to ask. He’s loud, fun, spontaneous, loving and smart.

When I was a child, he would surprise us with Detroit Tiger tickets. When he would come home from work earlier than usual, tickets peeking out of his shirt pocket, we would run to our rooms and get ready to cheer on Willy Horton, Al Kaline, Gates Brown and Jim Price. Dad always bought a program and a “Tiger” pencil and taught me how to keep score. I think more than anything, he taught me scorekeeping to keep me focused and engaged in the game. My dad traditionally left the game after the 7th inning (Tigers winning or losing didn’t seem to matter compared to his impatience) and we would head over to Lafayette Coney Island for hot dogs and french fries. Yum!

To this day, I am a Tiger fan. I love going to the games, I love the crowd, the cheers … and now I get to enjoy cold beer on a warm summer night. All in part, I believe, because my dad took me when I was a kid and shared his passion for the sport with my family.
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Of course we don’t need a holiday to tell our dads that we love them, but since one exists, let’s take the opportunity to honor the men that taught us how to ride a bicycle, gave us the confidence to jump off the diving board, held our hand on the Blue Streak roller coaster and tucked us in every night.

Write Impressions has a wonderful selection of gifts and Father’s Day greeting cards – from humorous, sentimental, sporty, loving … and some blank so you can use your own words to tell your dad how you feel.

Dads. Remember them on Sunday, June 21st.

Barrels, Bargains and Freebees

Obstacles are a part of life. Supposedly, there are great lessons to learn during these bumps in our road. As adults we learn to accept bumps as part of our human experience.


Lately, I’ve been ruminating about a big orange barrel-shaped obstacle in front of Write Impressions for a while now… construction barrels that will be planted on Washington Avenue for the better part of the summer.

In our 25 years in Downtown Royal Oak, this is the first time that traffic has been disrupted on Washington Avenue. One lane is open in each direction, but all the metered parking is unusable. Thankfully, there is plenty of metered parking on the blocks surrounding our building (behind the store has some great spots that are hidden gems) and the parking decks are FREE for two hours from 10 to 5 everyday. The anticipation of the obstacle is worse than the reality.

The renewal of our street has inspired me to make some fresh new changes – to provide a silver lining for this cloud of construction – – – for YOU – – – our customers. We are cleaning house! We have started drastically discounting merchandise that, for whatever reason, isn’t moving as quickly as we anticipated. Throughout the next few months, we will be grabbing items from every department to include in our new SALE WALL. Discounts range from 30 – 60% off, with most items marked down at by at least 40%.

First up on the SALE WALL… boxed invitations and imprintables! Items from ALL occasions are on SALE … from baby shower to kids birthday invitations, grad parties and bridal showers. Print at home or we can print for you. We are liquidating about 40% of our current invitation inventory to make room for great new products. Now is the perfect time to stock up for your future events and throw a party!


We (and many other downtown businesses) have chosen to “Embrace the Barrels.” Most merchants and restaurants on Washington Avenue are giving out freebee gifts throughout the duration of the construction. Check out the “Embrace the Barrels” give-away schedule here: Tuesday, June 23rd, we are giving away Paddywax travel candles to our first 100 customers. Don’t miss out!


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